New Bus of Doom

Right, I’ve just taken my second trip on a New Bus For London (NB4L) and I just need to vent.

After my first trip, I commented that I found the new bus a bit weird; dark, heavy, lumbering, huge and yet somehow very confined inside. But my second trip on one of these monsters has confirmed that it was actually designed by my enemies.

A security alert, or possibly a person under a train at Victoria meant that I couldn’t get the tube, so I jumped onto an already fairly crowded 24.

So hot. So unbearably hot. And I was standing right near the open back doors. The ‘conductor’ was very polite and all that, and did say that it was because of a combination of the red-hot blast-furnace engine and the non-functioning air conditioning, but that the problem was supposed to be fixed in a few days.

I had intended to stay on the bus until Camden Town, but I didn’t make it past Trafalgar Square. That was where the second problem reared its head. Because the bus was full, there were people standing on the platform by the back doors. When the bus stopped, people started coming down the stairs, so the platform-standers had to budge up. This made it impossible for people on the lower deck to use the back doors. We couldn’t get off the middle doors because the standing aisle is extremely narrow and the bus was too crowded for us to be able to get past We couldn’t get off the back doors because of the aforementioned congestion.

There I was. Trapped, sweating, close to hysterics in a sweltering hot, dark, claustrophobic, maroon coffin on wheels…

NB4L 1 NB4L 2 NB4L 3

Don’t worry. I’m ok now. I’m having a cup of tea and settling down with the latest copy of London Archaeologist. I finally managed to escape into the cool air of Trafalgar Square. Then I just got a normal bus (341) from Aldwych. I’m going to be avoiding the 24 and 38 routes until at least October, I think.

N.b. The photos were taken during my first NB4L trip, when there were only a few people on the bus.


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