Some Romans in Oxfordshire

The weather forecast said sun, so a field trip to Oxfordshire seemed like a viable option.

North Leigh Roman villa has been on my list for a little while. This a large, courtyard villa with a large section of mosaic floor available to view. The site is managed by English Heritage and is an open site which can be visited at any time.


There is evidence of iron age occupation on the site, but the first Roman buildings on the site dated to the late first or early -second century, with successive phases of construction, and the enlargement of the villa, in the third and then early fourth centuries.

In its final phase, the villa complex included 4 bath suites, 16 mosaic floors and 11 rooms with under-floor heating.





One of the most notable features visible on-site is the patterned mosaic floor of what the EH blurb calls a formal reception room. This is housed in a cover building at the corner of the site. The building is actually locked, so it’s not possible to get in the to see the mosaic up close,but there are viewing windows, so it is possible to get a reasonable view.



P1120616 P1120614



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