Drone Attack

Aaahhhhh! Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!


That is all.


2 thoughts on “Drone Attack

  1. Errrr….it seems I am too far behind the times to even know what it is that I am supposed to be afraid of here……
    Certainly not a new hairstyle for you, eh?

    • The man is Robert from Loop, otherwise known as Robert Hampson but, last night for the first time for 23 years, Robert from Loop.

      Last night’s gig has left me in a state of temporary wibble and with barely functioning ear-drums (I was dancing right in front of a speaker and Loop only function properly at two volume levels: insanely loud and dangerously loud).

      (there’s a proper review, as opposed to my fan-girl wibbling, here http://thequietus.com/articles/13915-loop-live-review)

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