Weapons of mass distraction – Part 5

Continuing with the re-archiving of the registered finds from the 1986 foreshore excavation carried out by The Royal Armouries.   Poor Guy started off with a great big bag of crud.

It was metallic, iron, crud, but goodness know what it was. There an x-ray somewhere, so perhaps we’ll be able to find out in the fullness of time.


Guy was subsequently rewarded with the lead shot and cannonballs that surfaced a little later (he likes cannonballs and lead shot).


The box I had was full of some quite interesting small finds including these:

an iron and copper-alloy sling swivel.


A ‘R’ stamped plate


Copper-alloy plates from a gun-strap

P1130247  P1130248

a dagger tip.


and this lovely, tiny, book clasp.


P1130243  P1130245

Chris’ box had this interesting little object; a coin weight


I’ve been looking of the PAS site to see if I can suss out an information about it. I think that I can make out a hand on this side (above). On the other side (below), and with considerable input from the ‘eye of faith’, there might be a figure.


Lastly, Guy had this rather squashed and deformed jetton.

P1130237  P1130240

I did try re-photographing the coin from last week, but the pictures came out rather dark, so I’ll have to give it another go.

More next week.


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