“Who is afraid of this big bad noise?”*

Not me 😀

Yes yes, I know. More Loop. But I have to see them while I can. In another 23 years I’ll really be too old.

Brighton-on-Sea is the location, and dodgy trains nearly deprived me of the pleasure of seeing Loop walk out onto the stage.  First Capital Connect is obviously being run by my enemies. When I arrived, I could just hear the pre-Loop drone, so I sprinted in PDQ.


Here’s lots of Loop. Sorry to John. There aren’t any pictures of him, but I couldn’t see him. I’m too short 😦 . I could hear him though, so that’s ok 😀 .

There’s a very special place in my heart for Loop. Right in the centre. Booting everyone else out of the way and making a bloody great racket. These songs don’t sound old. They sound more urgent, more exciting than anything (new) I’ve heard in years.

Again, I have to say that the highlights for me were The Nail will Burn; all bouncing bass and giant riffs. Afterglow; sounding like a terrifyingly dark Danish crime thriller. And the encore Can-combo of Deadly Doris and Mother Sky; driving, driving driving…


And then they were gone… 😥

This is the last gig for this tour, although they have announced a couple of festival dates next year, in the US and the Netherlands, so there’s hope for me yet.

“Oh it was gorgeousness”**

Yes it was.

Thank you Loop.


* run off groove, b-side, Spinning 7″,  1987, Head

** run off groove, a-side, Spinning 12″,  1987, Head, via http://www.glassdarkly.com/LOOP-PAGE.html


2 thoughts on ““Who is afraid of this big bad noise?”*

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