The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense 1

Recently I’ve been inspired to revisit  some of the random tut that I’ve accumulated during my life, and just never managed to chuck out. Some of that tut has its home in this cupboard…


…which shall hereafter be known as ‘The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense’.

So, in the first of another if-I-can-be-bothered series, I’m going to share some of the delights of this amazing cupboard with you lovely lovely people.

As this revery has been inspired by the reemergence of my back-in-the-day (and, it appears, still) favourite band, Loop, it’s only fitting that we start with some Loop related nonsense.

In 1990, Loop played at Reading Festival, ‘Reading Rocks’, and as a pre-festival jolly, they played an in-store at the local Our Price record shop. Chaos ensued as far too many people tried to squeeze into the shop with predictably hilarious consequences.

I’m going to come clean. I have absolutely no idea whether I actually made it to the shop or not. There are many (many) foggy areas in my mind; some the result of selective amnesia, some the consequence of too much time spent in the stagediver landing zone at gigs. I do, however, have a hand written sign advertising said in-store.

Loop Reading Our Price

It’s ripped at the top where I obviously yanked it off the wall, and it has a weird stain on it. I don’t know what the stain is, and I think that it’s better not to enquire (conditions at Reading festival could be pretty ‘basic’).

Some photos of rampaging indies fans have actually been posted in the Facebook Loop group, together with a copy of the story in the local newspaper:

More indie nonsense next time (if I can be bothered).


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