The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense 3

Delving once more into the cupboard that is The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense…


…I found this little beauty.


Ok, well, it’s a puzzle. Clearly. No box. No picture.

Oh crap. I think that I’ve slightly misjudged this one.

As you were chaps, as you were.



[time passes]



Aha! It’s a Rockingbirds jigsaw puzzle.


A whosie-what-now?

Back in the early  ’90s there was this band, how shall I describe them? Alt-country? Country-rock? Oh take your pick. Either will do.

They were obsessed with Jonathan Richman and sang country songs about Camden Town and tall buildings. At their gigs, the tambourine man (they had a tambourine man!) used to actually trash tambourines. Seriously.

The ’90s were funny 😀

In the Cupboard there was also a Rockingbirds temporary tattoo. Just in case you should happen to need such a thing.



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