The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense 4

In a slight change to the format, today I present, in conjunction with The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense…


The Giant Mug of Badges.


Come on indie people. You all have one of these. Don’t you? You’re playing spot the badge right now. Is that Morten Harket?

Badges were invented by the Gods of Indie to enable poorer indie fans to buy little pieces of their favourite bands at a much lower cost than band t-shirts (well known fact). We’ve all accumulated an array of badges and I even, to my everlasting shame, bought some new ones recently (can you spot them?).

However, in the Kingdom of All Badges, these rule.


Teenage Fanclub. We salute you.


Just in case you’re not aware of this, in Britain ‘fanny’ refers to a lady’s front bottom, not back bottom. Men don’t have fannies.


2 thoughts on “The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense 4

  1. Ye Gads, another term I must avoid in polite company when visiting the UK. Honestly I think you and some other parties who shall remain nameless are making some of these up!

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