The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense 5

This is to be the penultimate edition of The Cupboard of Indie Nonsense


and so I present a familiar sight to anyone who has ever, ever gone to a gig.



Don’t know what a fanzine is? Why are you even here? The Cupboard is fairly groaning with them. Look.


Ride 001

Sarah records (and just to prove that the world is a mad mad place, look, 10p, but earlier this year one of these went for £124 on Ebay. fercrissake!)

fanzines 001

Riot Grrrl

fanzines 002

But we home in on Spacemen 3.

S3 001

Full of pale young men looking very serious. Discussions of musical influences. Meaningful lyrics.

But indie nonsense will out, because on the back…

S3 002

it’s competition time 😀

NB. You CANNOT win Sonic’s  moccasins. You just can’t. So don’t try.


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