Badger Baiting

My digging buddy and Twice-Brewed-Crazy-Gang member  (founder?) Snowglobe is in town. Hurrah 😀 .


He’s on a jolly with his partner Dayna and I’d offered to take them on a similar London walk to the one we went on when Canadian Kathryn was in town. As SG was keen to include a foreshore visit, the order of the day was dictated by the tide times, so we started off at the Wobbly Bridge for a walk down towards London Bridge.


We just worked our way down river, having a look to see what we could see. Pretty quickly SG and Dayna started to spot all the usual sorts of bits and bobs; clay pipes, medieval and post-medieval pottery, roof tiles and animal bones. Here’s SG doing a bit of foreshore fieldwalking. Can you imagine having to record all those finds? That’d be ridonkulous!


And here are SG and Dayna at Walbrook with their bags of goodies.


Along this stretch of foreshore there are loads of old, disused bargebeds which we had a look at, but there is also still one working bargebed, so we got to have a look at the barges up close.


SG was  also interested to see some pieces of Roman quern stone which had been reused as building material for a much later causeway.


We also had a look at an old bored-log drain pipe and a box-drain, and parts of an old causeway which I’m in the process of recording with a team from TDP. We also had a chat with a couple of Mudlarks, including the London Mudlark, who showed us a couple of her finds (she usually posts pictures of her finds on her FB page).

Here’s our little haul.


It includes a collection of sherds of medieval and post-medieval pottery, a sherd of Roman greyware (and another similar sherd that’s possibly Roman), a small sherd of Nene Valley colour-coated ware with rouletting decoration, a big chunk of tegula, a few sherds of salt-glazed stoneware, several plain Victorian clay pipe bowls with makers’ stamps, and a giant nail. This is a pretty standard haul for this area.

And so off to the Museum of London for a well earned cup of tea, taking in a few bits of the Cripplegate Fort on the way. At the Museum, as well as seeing the Roman galleries, SG particularly wanted to see the Minories Eagle.


Next we made our way towards the Guildhall to see the amphitheatre and SG spotted this police box on the way. Note SG’s new man-bag, containing his purchases from the Museum of London shop.


And then on to London Wall where SG discovered that emperors could be  made elsewhere than Rome.


So, to my friends and digging buddies (and  to non-digging buddies too). London is here. I am in it.  This is an open invitation. If you ever find yourself rocking up in this dirty old town and you would like to get a different view of London you know where I am.

You might even learn to speak London, like SG did.


And just to show you what happens when you let an American loose on the Thames foreshore …   😀


5 thoughts on “Badger Baiting

  1. A cruel bit of taunting that! A day out with the irrepressible SG is always fun. For me the real wonder is Mrs. SG who allows him to wander about unattended and/or to drag her along. My Better Half flat out accuses me of routing our travels to places where Roman stuff is to be seen. I try to explain to her that the Romans had an Empire that spanned the Ancient World and that it is just damned hard to avoid them. A skeptical – if very attractive – eyebrow is raised….


    • Yes. I admit that that was pretty evil of me. We were only laughing about that yesterday and, in fact, some of the photos were actually staged with exactly that in mind 😉

      As to your dilemma, the wonderful thing about London is that it can satisfy the most geeksome Romanist, whilst offering true delights to those who are fed up to the back teeth with the blasted Latins.

      SG and Dayna are at Greenwich today looking at Nelson’s coat, having been on a boat ride down the Thames. They’re planning a trip to the fabulous John Soane Museum, the V&A and the theatre. Dayna gives and Dayna gets (bless her for her patience) 😀

  2. Oh, and it was only yesterday that I truly began to understand SG. At one point he pointed to a red telephone box and said “K2”, at which point I pointed at him and said “nerd”.
    In truth, I accept him for what he is, but he really is a nerd (I mean, who else but a true nerd would know all the telephone box types, fercrissakes?) 😀

  3. Thanks for the excellent tour my lawyers have been informed (they are at 280 high Holborn just next to the J3 variant phone box)

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