The land of the Libu

As with my last post, on Syria, these are, essentially holiday snaps. In November 2008 I was fortunate enough to  be in a position to visit Libya for the first time. I hope not the last.

Libya may not seem to be the most obvious holiday destination, but sites in the country are, or should be, on every ‘see before you die’ list. I was travelling with a group, as independent travel was very difficult, if not impossible, due to visa restrictions and the various other regulations then in force. Prior to travelling, I had to have my passport translated into Arabic and the prohibition on any alcoholic substances was very strictly enforced.

My travel primarily focussed on the coastal zones in both Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, part of the Green Mountain area and the Gulf of Sirt. This took a  number of important Phoenician, Greek and Roman sites, including the famous birthplace of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus, Lepcis Magna. We were also fortunate enough to stop off at a lesser known Facsist-era site, Medinat Sultan and the mysterious indigenous Libyan site of Aslonta (AKA Slonta). I’m very hopeful that I’ll be able to visit again in the future. I’d love  to get to Fezzan, Ghadames, Ubari, Garama, Ghirza,and maybe even Ghat.

Lepcis Magna

Arch of Septimius Severus Market Theatre Severan Forum

Leptis Magna 2 View through to Sevean Basilica (2) Nymphaeum Leptis Magna Severan Basilica

Scilla Severan Basilica (2)


View to Temple of Isis, Sabratha

Mausoleum of Bes, Sabratha CIMG0732


The Red Castle Museum in Tripoli (formerly called the Jamahiriya Museum)

Antinuous as Apollo

Antinuous as Apollo


The Four Seasons from The Villa Sileen

Athene (detail)

Athene noctua

Medusa Head The Four Seasons from The Villa Sileen (detail)



View of the Sanctuary of Apollo  CIMG1956 Sarcophogi

The Temple of Zeus


Fortified Church

House of Pillars 4 CIMG1400 House of Pillars 1 (2)




CIMG2634  CIMG2614

The harbour front is gradually being taken by the sea.



Slonta (2)

Qasr Libya

'A duck perched on a crocodile' (detail)

'The River Tigris' and 'A duck perched on a crocodile' 'Horseman' and 'Church'

Medinat Sultan


CIMG2738 CIMG2730 CIMG2739


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