Weapons of Mass Distraction – the final frontier

I haven’t been at the Armouries for a few weeks, but last week we were back to do the final checking, sorting and packing of the archive.

This will mean that it’s ready for the records to be handed over to the Royal Armouries team in Leeds to be accessioned and formally added to the RA database. It’s quite exciting really, as that will mean that this material can finally exist out in the world, somewhere other than a cupboard.

The pictures are, however, somewhat less exciting, consisting as they do of  boxes…


piles of artifact records…


and biscuits 😀  …


(actually, these are exciting).

So as far as the artifacts are concerned, it’s all over. There’s actually still a whole digitisation project to be done with the photographic records of the original dig and of the artifacts. We will be working to guidelines given by the RA, as we need our records to work with the RA’s systems. But as I’m a digitisation novice, I’ve signed up for a MOOC being offered by UCL under their label UCLeXtend, Introduction to Digital Curation. We’ll see how that goes.

So at the end of our efforts, our reward? Rhubarb and custard sweeties and a sense of satisfaction.



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