Odds Bodkins 2

Back at the LAARC for more Roman bone hair pins. I definitely had a couple of senior moments to begin with, but I soon got into the swing of things.


 I’m still amazed at the quality and clarity of the images that we can get by this process. Again, we’re not enhancing the image of the pin itself, only evening out the background and balancing the colour palette.

The clarity of the images really allows the viewer to see what I can see when I’m holding the object itself. What I myself have really been  noticing with this project is the evidence of manufacture of the pins. I can see knife marks on the shafts and, in particular, the point at which the shaft meets the head of the pin.


It is possible to start see qualitative differences between pins. Some are finely worked, smoothed smoothed and highly, with decorative touches in varying degrees. Some look like someone finished their dinner and then knocked up a pin with the scraps*. It is also possible to see where, sometimes, the pin has been reworked, re-pointed, or otherwise modified in some way.


This is me in action. Not quite a selfie, as I haven’t got three hands.


20140528_115921 20140528_115234

More pins next week.

* I don’t really believe that this is what happened, but some of the pins are pretty basic.