Heaven’s End

Evil twins, partners in crime…call it what you will*, Loop and Godflesh are special together. These two bands have history. Loop famously covered Godflesh’s Like Rats and Godflesh returned the favour with Loop’s Straight to Your Heart on the coveted Clawfist 7″ (1991). Robert also played guitar with Godflesh for a while after Loop’s split (and appeared with them at last year’s Roadburn Festival). The two bands are not at all alike, but somehow it works, and in certain circles this is considered a classic pairing, so the announcement of these gigs caused kittens. The last time this happened was in 1990.

loop-17021990-002   loop-17021990-001

The gig reviews above are from the Loop (Soundheads), Godflesh, World Domination Enterprises tour, February 1990. On the left, from the Town & Country Club gig and, on the right, from the warm-up gig at The Garage.

All we need now is for World Domination Enterprises to rock up again and our work here is done.


Loopflesh, 4th June 2014, Heaven, London. Fleshloop, 5th June 2014, Heaven, London. 


Once again, Loop and Godflesh have taken us to Heaven (literally) on a cloud of noise (not literally). For two nights at Heaven nightclub, these two ridiculously loud bands have battered our eardrums and left us grinning from ear to ringing ear.


Loop. Awesome. And good and loud. We benefited from a decent sound system at Heaven, although there was a moment of high drama at the second gig when Robert’s amp went ping! A few minutes of tech-fiddling managed to sort out the problem and they stormed back, so all’s well that ends well.


The set lists included Soundhead (natch), Breath Into Me, Pulse, The Nail Will Burn, Straight To Your Heart, Arc Lite, Vapour, Forever, Fever Knife, Fix To Fall and Too Real To Feel, but Collision was extra large and Burning World was massive.  😀


And Godflesh? Well I’ve never been a major Godflesh fan, but I do like some of their stuff and it was really great to see them live again (honestly, it’s been donkey’s years). They didn’t disappoint.


The line up was just Broadrick, Green and a laptop, and they played tunes that were classic enough that even I recognised them. Mothra, Streetcleaner, Like Rats, Monotremata, plus noo choon Ringer from the Decline & Fall EP. All good shouty, growly industrial fun.


And now I’m off to Paris to see Loop 🙂 , possibly for the last time 😦 **. Then I’ll have to go through the inevitable break up 😦 … again 😥 . I’m doing other stuff in Paris too. There’s an exhibition on Augustan Rome that I want to see, so the next post could be a Loop/Roman mash-up. What on earth would that look like??? Loopman Roloop …

I’m just going to stop now, but if you want to get an idea of how these gigs were, dear sweet epidemic271 has posted some videos on Youtube here: Loopflesh/Fleshloop





**I hope NOT for the last time *nudge nudge, wink wink*

***Prior to these London gigs, I went and did something that I was absolutely adamant that I would not do. I went to the Leeds gig. I just jumped on the train after work, saw Loop, did the metaphorical monkey dance and bummed a lift home with fellow ‘enthusiast’, Dave 😀 ’twas fun but, seriously, that venue (The Cockpit) is really smelly.


2 thoughts on “Heaven’s End

    • No way. My literal dancing bears no resemblane to a monkey dance*, but I was definitely doing the metaphorical monkey dance, i.e. that internal “yesssssss” whilst punching the air.:)

      *other people might disagree with that statement.

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