The French Connection

Loop…in the weekend…in summer? What’s not to love?


Well I have to say that this gig was amazing (yes, yes, I know. I think they’re all amazing, but bear with me)


The gig was in a hall in a park, and fellow Loop enthusiast Dave had randomly hopped over on Eurostar having decided that he just had to be there. There was summer fun already going on in the park when we got there and within 1 minute we’d spotted Scott and Wayne. We then ended up having a beer or two in the park with Scott and Neil (I actually had “l’incroyable citronnade”, but the boys had beer).


Neil was on particularly fine form and I’m impressed that we were able to have a properly interesting conversation about Romans. Yes, you read that right. Romans 😀 . Obviously everyone else was rolling their eyes and yawning during this, but I don’t care. I’m officially claiming Neil as a Romanist now. One of us, man. One of us (*cue chest thumping*).


Anyway, the gig. The venue was HUGE. It looked like it may have been a tramshed, or something like that, but Loop filled every inch of it. The sound in the hall was reeeeaaaalllllyyyyyy good, so I suspect that you could stand on stage banging pots and pans together and playing the kazoo and it’d sound good, but Forever sounded amazing, especially as we’d sprinted from the front to about half way back to take in the view. From further back it was possible to really hear just how big, rather than merely loud, the sound was. Best songs? For me, Fix to Fall sounded as smooth as an oiled seal, and Burning World, rather predictably considering recent airings, was just gorgeous. Like the wine dark sea (the classicists amongst you will get this reference).


But just to be irritatingly ‘with the band’ (Christ, I’m even irritating myself now), we went backstage for a bit and then off for a couple of Leffes with Scott afterwards.

P1230297  P1230340.

Scott, if you ever read this, you’re a proper gent and no mistake. I salute you Sir 😀 .


And one last, frankly gratuitous photo of Loop in action.


There’ll be some news soon about the band, but I think that I’ll leave that to Loop Central to disseminate.

UPDATE: well we already knew when we were there that it was to be Neil’s last Loop gig, but events have taken their turn and it turned out to be Scott’s last Loop gig too. This makes me even happier that I was able to be there. It was a great gig and a great last gig for Neil and Scott. There is to be a new Loop, including new material, so there’s that to look forward to but, I must say, seeing this Loop again has been an absolute joy 😀


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