The slithy toves

Ah, ATP doing it for to the kids, once again. Booking and promoting a mega one day London festival called Jabberwocky, then…oh no!… divers alarums.


So are ATP and Dash Tickets Slithy Toves? Lets examine the evidence.

  • Slithy: Humpty Dumpty says: ” ‘Slithy’ means ‘lithe and slimy’. ‘Lithe’ is the same as ‘active’. You see it’s like a portmanteau, there are two meanings packed up into one word.” The original in MischMasch notes that ‘slithy’ means “smooth and active”. The i is long, as in writhe.*

Well ATP has been pretty lithe, cancelling the Jabberwocky festival a mere 72 hours before it was due to kick off, saying that it was due to poor ticket sales after claiming, just a few days ago, that there were only 200 tickets left.

And they’re both being pretty slimy about refunds. ATP is insisting that refunds will be made at the point of purchase, for many people this is Dash Tickets, ATP’s preferred/linked? provider. Dash are saying, “no, no, not us Guv” and pointing to the Ts & Cs, insisting that they’re just a portal through which money has flowed to ATP. They’re like a couple of eels, the pair of them.

  • Tove: Humpty Dumpty says ” ‘Toves’ are something like badgers, they’re something like lizards, and they’re something like corkscrews. […] Also they make their nests under sun-dials, also they live on cheese.” Pronounced so as to rhyme with groves. They “gyre and gimble,” i.e. rotate and bore.*

Hmm, well I like badgers. And I like lizards too so, as right now I like neither ATP nor Dash, that doesn’t seem to fit very well. Nests under sun-dials? Cheese? None the wiser. But the corkscrew bit works. These companies are both trying to twist the facts to suit their own narratives. Not working chaps. And yeah, rotating and boring. That kinda fits too.

Based on the available evidence I’d say that yes, ATP and Dash Tickets are indeed Slithy Toves (badgers and lizards notwithstanding).

Naughty people, NAUGHTY (wags finger at them disapprovingly)

Don’t know what the hell I’m going on about? See here:–a-fans-frustration It probably won’t help at all, but it’s a fun read.


If it hadn’t been for ATP, Loop would never have got back together, so they have a little stash of get out of jail free cards with me. Take note though ATP, this is a written warning.


Dash Tickets hadn’t worked their probationary period yet, so they’re sacked.




5 thoughts on “The slithy toves

    • I haven’t been let down by ATP as many times as some people have, and this hasn’t cost me a fortune (some people have flights, trains, hotels booked, the lot), so I can be forgiving.

      And also, Looooooooop 😀

      There are also lots and lots of London venues booking the bands who were going to play the festival into small gigs as a consolation, so a lot of people will still end up seeing some good bands at the weekend.

      ATP just need to take a long hard look at themselves.

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