Power to the people.

More groovy music, this time at Baba Yaga’s Hut’s Raw Power Weekender.


Baba Yaga’s Hut have put on a stonking weekend of fun. I’m only here for the day, not the whole weekend, but there’s a whole load of bands about whom I know nothing, and a few of whom I’m aware and would like to see, and one in particular that I really want to see (again). This is not a bad mix; something old, something new… etc.

The main bands I actually got to see were (a bit of) Terminal Cheesecake – something old. The popular choice, natch.


 Something new (to me), Gum Takes Tooth – Drums and synth, quite dark, crowdsurfer-inspiring.


Something else new (to me), AKDK, who shall hereafter be known as Okie Dokie – Two band members, two drummers, two synths. Top fun.


Something with a lot of hair, Bo Ningen –  Much less squeaky live than they sounded on record. This is a great relief. They’re pretty good actually. Quite theatrical.


and something shouty, Girl Band – Shouty wins it. Obviously.

Girl Band


If you like shouting, you’ll like Girl Band.

I like shouting, so I think they’re great. They’re great on recordings (you can hear some of their music on their Bandcamp page), but live they’re amazing. The lead singer Dara Kiely shuffles about on stage like a nervous schoolboy about to give his first recital in front of his Mum and several aunts…and then he opens his gob. He goes from 0 to shouty in about 0.0006 seconds. Combine that with ground-glass guitar,  machine-gun drums and cough-mixture bass playing and you’ve got Girl Band.


Various reviews have picked up on touches of other bands/music about them; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Daft Punk, Mark E. Smith, Sub Pop circa 1988, “Stephen Malkmus suffering an existential crisis in the midst of studying for his mid-terms as a death-disco revival party rages in the dorm room next door“. I get the odd sprinkling of the Happy Flowers, especially live, but they don’t actually sound like any of these. It’s more the overall effect that you get. They’re punk, post punk, noise, pop and dance, all chewed up and spat back in our faces.

Sample lyrics include “petits pois, petits pois, petits pois, petits pois, petits pois”, “nutella, nutella, nutella, nutella, nutella” and somewhat less/more cryptic, “He starts every sentence with “I know I’m not a racist but…” “. Deep, no?


The crowd for this gig started off pretty small, mainly because Terminal Cheesecake were still on upstairs, but it soon filled up and became downright rawkus. They were even heckling Barry. Poor Barry.

Oh yeah, and there are no girls in Girl Band. Only boys.


Pip pip


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