Roman Counter Culture: Live and Let Die (pl. ~ce)

Algeria was marvellous and I even managed to spot some gaming equipment while I was there, but now I’m back 😀 and back at the LAARC.

So, dice.

John and Guy have kindly saved some dice for me to digitize, although they (accidentally) saved the dodgy ones 😉

Getting back into the swing of the project was fun, and I deliberately chose a little challenge for myself this week. Did I say ‘little challenge’? I mean teeny tiny challenge.

This is my first die. It’s really small.


Here it is next to an ordinary staple remover so you can see just how really small it is.


Jokes abounded about travel Ludo and the like but, in all seriousness,  I can’t help but wonder what game this was used for. It’s barely visible to the naked eye!

Still, I like a challenge…

While I fiddled about with the smallest die in all the land, John was looking a bit green.


His die, which is also made from animal bone, must have been next to some object or substance that has turned it completed green (perhaps something made from copper).

However, it was Guy’s die that gave us all the best laugh this week.


The maker seems to have a little problem with pip-placement. Was this the first effort of a hopelessly incompetant apprentice? The result of a little too worshiping Bacchus at lunchtime ? Or just Dies Veneris (Friday).

The 5 face is just the most obvious train-wreck, but all the faces are wobbly.


Still, it has six-sides, albeit is a wide range of shapes and sizes, and all the numbers are there so, despite it’s cock-eyed-ness, it is actually a standard die.

This, however, is not.


Hmm. Looks a bit stone-like, doesn’t it? Here’s another couple of images.

Yes. Definitely stone-like.

It’s a stone.

Anyone who has ever dug an archaeological site will know how this happens in the field. You’re down a hole in the ground, up to your knees in mud, you can’t feel your fingers and it looks like rain. What’s this? Something vaguely cuboid. Just put it in the tray and we’ll look at in later, in the site hut.

Mind you, I think that I’m going to have to have another look at it. Having this larger image has made me wonder whether I can see the hint of a single pip in this face.


This might just be the ‘eye of faith’, but it ‘s better to check. Magnifying glass at the ready.

Next week is the last week scheduled for this pilot project so I’ll probably have a few frivolities to share.



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