Roman Counter Culture: Slight Return

…and we’re back in the room.


Yes, we’re back at the LAARC, working on the remainder of the Museum of London’s collection of archaeological dice.

We have some exciting plans for the data that we’re collecting but for now I’ll just content myself with posting a few pictures of this week’s dice.

Here’s my first die of 2015.


It’s a bit broken, but it’s nice.


John had this stunner.




It’s a lovely lozenge-shaped die, but it wasn’t the easiest piece for John to scan.

Now, the running title here is Roman counter culture, but one (at least) of our dice today wasn’t Roman at all. We’re playing fast and loose but just go with us.

Here it is.


It’s listed as post-medieval and is very small, with the sides only measuring only about 4mm. The pips are also placed very very close to the corners and edges which has caused some breakage around them.


The pips were actually a little difficult to see clearly by eye, but they’re much clearer in the photos and the scans.

P1390618 P1390619

We’re going to be working on scanning the last few dice over the next few weeks and then we will start having a look at the find spots, contexts and distributions to see what that might tell us about dice production and use in Roman, and later, London.


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