Roman Counter Culture: Branching out

Well, we’ve actually come to the end of the LAARC’s collection of dice. Bit that doesn’t mean the end of our project. In the Museum of London’s collection pieces are held in a range of locations and as part of different individual collections. Today we started on a couple of dice that are part of the handling collection, used for outreach and educational purposes.

This die, from the handling collection, is a fairly small example.


It has it’s site code and context mumber painted onto it, as do Several others, but two faces have also quite clearly been varnished. This is not really how we do things now. Perhaps that’s why it’s in the handling collection.


We also made a start on material that has not yet been deposited at the LAARC, but are still held by MOLA. MOLA is actually based in the same building as the LAARC but is a seperate, commercial archaeology company. Their holdings include material that has been excavated in London as part of jobes that MOLA has worked on. This material will eventually be deposited at the LAARC once MOLA have finished studying it and preparing it for archiving.

My old VIP09/10 mate Carl is doing some archiving work for MOLA and has been working on the material recovered from the dig at the Guildhall, when the London amphitheatre was discovered. And this is one of the artefacts from that dig.

It’s a small bone die recovered during the wet sieving of a soil sample.


And, from another excavation, there is this large, and surprisingly heavy, type 2 die. It’s made from a section of long-bone with plugs at the 3 and 4 faces. The 4-face plug is missing.

P1390781.  P1390779.

And this is how it looks mid-digitization.


Just to give you an idea of the differences in sizes…


We’ll be working on some more of the MOLA collection, and on the museum collection too, over the next couple of weeks.


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