Like a Daydream

Well we have all known for a while that this was happening, but here it is at last.


On April 1st, Ride sent emails out via the mailing list advertising 3 small, low-key warm-up gigs; two in the US and one in their hometown, Oxford. It being April 1st, many people assumed that it was an April Fool. It wasn’t.


Having missed out on the Roundhouse tickets, I was pleased to nab a couple of tickets for the Oxford date. And so, joined my my friend Jeremy, I took the Oxford Tube to see Ride for the first time since…oh, I don’t know when.


I’m glad to report that it was really pretty good. They stuck to a crowd-pleaser set, nothing much too obscure at this stage, starting with Polar Bear. Then proceded with a set that included Ride classics such as Seagull, Dreams Burn Down, all that. Vapour Trail was lovely. Drive Blind was great, although a little ‘cleaner’ than I remember, and included a little mini-holocaust of  around 5 minutes.

Here’s Loz beating up his drums during the mini-holocaust.


The first encore was Leave Them All Behind and then the second was Like a Daydream and then Chelsea Girl to finish.

A couple of niggles, some guy yelling what I understand was an Oasis chant (seriously, eyes-roll), and THE HAT.


It’s like an elephant in the room. Some kind soul should, gently but firmly, have a chat with Mark Gardener and explain that he really really doesn’t need it. We’re all older. And honestly, that’s fine. There’s no need to dress up like a spiv.

So, anyone with Ride gigs to look forward to, you’re almost certainly going to have a great time. But be aware, the show may contains strobes.


And for more Ride-related nonsense, you can check out @RideTheNetwork on Twitter and the Ride Appreciation Society on Facebook. There’s also a review up here Also, If you go on Twitter and search “Ride Oxford”, there’s lots of very good fan-filmed footage.


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