The cupboard of indie nonsense – slight return

The recent chance meeting with someone I haven’t seen in a year of donkeys has sent me scurrying back to the Cupboard of Indie Nonsense to seek out some historical artifacts.


The time: Christmas 1993.  The place: Bristol, Thekla. The occasion: One of Sarah Records’ infamous Christmas parties.

Sarah records was known as the home of twee bands. The Field Mice, Heavenly, The Orchids, and a whole host of other jangly guitar bands playing nice songs for nice people. In the early ’90s they used to host legendary Christmas Parties.

In 1993, that Christmas Party was on the moored boat The Thekla, in Bristol. WAAAH! Magazine organised a coach trip from London, known to one and all as The Cutie Coach and all of us coach trippers were given a pack to keep us quiet on the journey (not that it worked but, hey ho, you can’t blame them for trying).

One of these packs still survives in The Cupboard


complete with ‘interesting’ reading matter,


sticky sweets and an unpopped party popper.


Obviously the events of that night weren’t quite as cute as the coach trip name would suggest, and I have recalled that there were one or two ‘incidents’ :/ , but there was fun to be had and lots of bowl haircuts. Here are a few of the usual suspects.

Grub stop + stripey top

Cutie Coach 002

Floppy hat + floppy fringe

Cutie Coach 001

Anorak stripey top

Cutie Coach 003

So indie. 1993 was a long time ago.


2 thoughts on “The cupboard of indie nonsense – slight return

  1. You are very lucky to have not been young and foolish when I was….the late 1970s. Absolute nadir of fashion and taste. B

  2. Hello,

    I am working on a multi-media project which is all about the public’s music memories and stumbled across your Cupboard of indie Nonsense. Could I send you an email with some more info on the project?

    Kind regards


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