A Persian Odyssey: Purrrrr-sian cats


Right from the off I’m going to make it clear that none of these cats are Persian cats. They’re Iranian cats.

Cats, cats, cats…

and more cats.

In Abyeneh, there were two gingers. This old(er) boy,


And this, frankly, demented-looking youngster.


After the usual preliminaries (some furious yowling and squaring up) they had a little set-to. They didn’t actually come to blows, but if they did I wouldn’t know which one to put my money on. I mean, the older cat was much bigger, but that youngster looked like a nutter.


They’re all so cute and furry, but other Persian cats have a harder edge.

At the Reza Abbasi Museum in Tehran, there are quite a few artefacts in gold, silver and copper-alloy, some cat-shaped.

This is a copper-alloy incense burner, dating from 12th century CE.


At Persepolis, alongside the cat friezes carved into the stone columns and platforms…

12241373_10153105690631436_4681459169638639265_n 12247069_10153105691826436_3724611731699969863_n

there are also cat objects in the museum, such as this fragment of cat statuette


and this stone sentinel.


And at the National Museum in Tehran, there are several cats from the small to the monumental.

My last cat is this stone cat, sat at the bottom of supporting columns at the Golestan Palace in Tehran.


It’s a cat all right, but that face is not a cat face. It’s quite clearly a person face! Hmm.


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