Lumiere London 2016

January is a traditionally dark and dreary month. Everyone is back at work after Christmas/New Year, that is, if they weren’t working over that period anyway. It’s dark and cold. It rains and, sometimes, snows. We need cheering up.


Shiny things are very cheering 😀

Across a number of sites in central London, for four evenings, light installations are wowing the populace.

My first stop was at King’s Cross, where I went with the folks.

Next, I popped into town after work. It wasn’t quite late enough for a lot of the installations to be lit, but I did get to see a few.

On Saturday evening, I met up with pal Ang to go to an event in Stokey, but we ducked out of that early and went back into town for more shiny things.


The way home was tricky because of all the traffic and loads of people out enjoying themselves, so I had to get off the bus having gone hardly any distance. This gave me a very brief opportunity to pop into Leicester Square to have a look at one last installation before going home.

This really was just a brief look, as the lights snapped off promptly at 10.30.


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