Let there be light.

January is a dull and dreary old month…or it used to be.

Ever since the UK has discovered and embraced the concept of Lumiere, January is a little less dull and a little less dreary. This time last year I was enjoying the lights in central London, this year I’ve trekked down to Docklands to see the installations at Canary Wharf.

Meeting up with visiting pals Pete and Dayna and London Bridge (and avoiding a WW2 bomb found just upriver at Westminster) we made our way to spend a freezing evening wandering round Canary Wharf. And this is what we saw…



Ovo by Mustafa Hadi + Pol Marchandise


The Garden of Floating Words by Elisa Artesaro


Transforming from Stardust by Lorna Carmen McNeill


We Could Meet by Martin Richman



Water Wall by Andrew Bernstein+ Gregory St. Pierre


Bloom by Squidsoup



Horizontal Interference by Joachim Slugocki + Katarzyna Malejka


Origin by Philipp Mohr + Selektivton



On Your Wavelength by Marcus Lyall


Inflow by Ronan Devlin


Passage by Bonjour Interactive Lab


Omega Point by Marios Athanasiou

15-copy 16-copy

Selected Works by Aphra Shemza

A freezing cold evening warmed by good friends and cool displays.

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