Roman Counter Culture: More more more

This week’s jolly at the LAARC  started off a rather quiet affair for me.  Guy was otherwise engaged, with the possibility that he might come in a bit later. John was being de-asbestosized* downstairs.


This was fine because I am fully back into the swing of the digitization so I just cracked on with the last few remaining dice that were available this week.


I had this lovely die, made from a section of long-bonewith plugged ends (Greep Type 2). This is one way of making  larger dice.

P1390676 P1390675 P1390673

And here are a couple more.

We are expecting to begin working on the museum collection (the pieces that are actually at London Wall) next week, and I understand that there are also a couple of dice in the handling collection which we should also catalogue and digitize while we’re at it.


The intention once all of these are done is to start going through the records to have a look at the locations of the find spots and the contexts. We want to know more and bring more of that information together to try to see what it might say about gaming in Roman, and later, London.


* Obviously John’s de-asbestosization is made up. He was actually on an asbestos awareness training course.  He’ll be back next week.


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